Some usefull example for git

You need to cancel a change for a file:

–> git checkout

How to change from branch ?

–> git checkout

How to delete a branch ?

git branch -d yourbranch

How to delete a non local branch ?

git push origin :yourbranch

These are some usefull code in the jungle ( but free) of GIT repository.

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WhyGITisbetterthanx offers visitors to understand the use of GIT. In a series of futures posts, I will describe and help you to use GIT.

First what is GIT ?

Git is a free and open source  distributed version control system (SCM) created by Linus Torvalds in 2005 ( Linux OS founder). It is designed to manage everything for small or very large projects with speed and efficiency. Majors organisations like Google, Facebook, Microsoft uses GIT daily.

In the next release I will explain you why GIT is better than any other SCM.

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